Our Story


My name is Mosongo Osong.  An Entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas.

A few years ago, I owned a successful medical billing company and was in the process of launching a software company. Life seemed to be working well for me except I felt very empty inside. So I decided to embark on a faith journey to discover my faith and what God wants wanted from him me.

This Journey will would forever change my life. I decided to stop working in the secular world and to start using my talents to create products that will promote and evangelize the Christian faith.

The first product that I created is a Catholic tablet called Biblezon and was launched in Nov 2014.  A This tablet that is dedicated to the Catholic faith and has over 48 Catholic apps and games for both kids and adults.

This product has now become a great tool that is used by thousands of Catholics throughout the world to learn and practice their faith daily.

We have a great team of devout Christians who are dedicated to make making many more products, not just for Catholics but for all Christians.

 We are in the process of launching our BiblezonCases  for all Christians. A Christian case for your phone and tablets which will be available for most devices including IPhone,   IPad, Samsung and Kindle tablets with different designs

We believe these cases will transform the way many of us use our phones and also evangelize, promote and proudly express our Christian faith while planting spiritual seeds to in our friends and neighbors. This is a revolutionary approach to evangelization. 

  1. You can get one for your phone and a second for your tablet or ipad
  2. This will be a great tool for teenagers and college students to use to promote Christianity on campus.
  3.  The cases serve as a constant reminder of your Christian faith. Just looking at the case each time you use your phone makes you don`t not want to do certain questionable things on your phone.
  4. Get 1, Get second 50% off plus a Biblezon App.

We have received many a lot of great feedbacks from many people so we are more than determined to bring this product to the market which is why we are launching this campaign at Indiegogo.

If you believe in our Mission to create products that will promote our Christian faith, please support our campaign and together we will change the world.


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